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Before I begin, I’d like to give a big thanks to my aunt, Ms. Vivian Garrison (1940-2015) for beginning the genealogy journey that I hope to continue.  Rest in peace…



Lish Askew was born July 28, 1907 in Jonesboro (Clayton County, GA) to William Askew and Lizzie Askew (née Davidson).

According to 1920 Census Records, Lish lived with his family in a rented house on a farm on Roundtrees(?) Road in the Jonesboro District of Clayton County in Georgia.  His siblings living in the home at this time were Floyd Askew, Dewey Askew, Nettie Askew, and Jenett Askew.  A sister-in-law named Bertha Askew (wife of Floyd) was also in the home as well.  William Askew’s race is listed as Black, while Lizzie Askew, their children, and the sister-in-law are noted to be Mulatto.

This census record indicates that 12-year-old Lish Askew did attend school and could read and write.  It also shows that William Askew was employed as a farmer on a general farm while the remaining members worked as farm laborers on a home farm.

In the 1930 Census Records, Lish Askew, along with a few of his siblings, is totally unaccounted for.  I don’t know if this was just due to poor recording on the enumerator’s behalf, or taking the Jim Crow laws under consideration during this time…  A series of unfortunate events, perhaps?  His mother, Lizzie Askew (now widowed) was found in the records living in a rented home with her youngest daughter, Janet (Jenett or Janette) Askew.  Their race was listed as Negro instead of Mulatto.  Lizzie was not employed.  Janette worked as an inspector at a hosiery mill.

In any event, Lish Askew resurfaces in the 1940 Census Records living in a rented home on Briarcliff Road in Decatur (Dekalb County, GA).  The home is headed by his nephew, Ross Dabney.  The record lists Bertha Dabney as Ross’ wife.  They have two sons, Johnnie B. and Bob.  Lish lived in the Dabney’s home with his wife, Beatrice (née Ingram) Askew.  Lish was 32 at the time of the 1940 Census and his wife was 26.  The record notes Lish was employed by the city sanitation department and his annual wage in 1939 was $750.

With just the use of free online resources, it’s difficult to gather information regarding what events occurred in Lish’s life in the years after this.  My living family members have shared that Lish and Beatrice had a daughter, my aunt, Vivian (née Askew) Garrison.  They were married until Beatrice’s death on September 28, 1941 from Tuberculosis.  She was 27 years old.  She is buried in Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery in Rutledge, GA.

A few years after Beatrice’s death, Lish Askew married my grandmother, Leola (née Goode) Askew.  They had four children together and remained married until Lish’s death on April 29, 1971 from Pulmonary Edema.  He was 63 years old.  He is buried in Southview Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.