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According to the United States Social Security Death Index, Floyd Askew was born September 29, 1898.  However, historical documents indicate some discrepancies with his year of birth.  The Georgia Death Index lists his birth year as 1901, while the 1910 U.S. Census lists his birth year as 1903.  To further confuse the issue, the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census both list his birth year as 1899.  Sadly, I cannot be absolutely certain of Floyd’s actual year of birth.  The one thing that IS certain is he died in February of 1966…February 11, 1966 to be exact.

Floyd Askew is the older brother of my grandfather, Lish Askew.  That means that Floyd is my great-uncle.  Though I am not a direct descendent of Floyd, due to information that I found while searching through historical documents online, he definitely deserves a mention.

Floyd Askew is first seen in the 1910 Census Records.  At that time his age is listed as seven years.  He did attend school, but was unable to read and write during this time.  There were nine children at home and Floyd was the 6th born.  Every family member on this census has their race listed by the enumerator as Mulatto.  They lived in a rented home and their father, William Askew worked as a farmer on a general farm.  Instead of him being listed as an employee, it shows that he was working “OA” (own account).  I have no idea what that means.

In the 1920 Census Records, Floyd’s age is listed as 21 years.  He is living with his parents, William and Lizzie, and is married to Bertha (née Wheeler) Askew.  She is also 21 years of age.  Floyd and Bertha both work as farm laborers.

Floyd and Bertha had a daughter together.  Unfortunately, she died at the age of 4 months old.  According to the death certificate, she died of pneumonia in their home on March 11, 1922.  Her name is not known.  The death certificate lists her as “Infant of Floyd Askew.”  She was laid to rest at Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.

Somewhere in between the death of their daughter and the 1930 Census, Floyd and Bertha divorced.

In 1930, the census records show Floyd living at 25 Bowen Avenue in Fulton County, GA.  He paid $8/mo. in rent.  His brother, Roy Askew, lived next door.  Floyd was then married to a Zennia (or Zenna) Askew and they had two children, William (age 4), and Lula M. (age 3).  During this time, Floyd worked as a truck driver for an ice plant, while Zennia was a housewife.

25 Bowen Avenue as of July 2015 via Google Maps

In 1940, Floyd and his family lived at 59 Meldon Avenue in the South Bend district of Fulton County, GA.  He paid $12/mo. in rent.  Floyd and Zennia’s son William was then 15 years old, and Lula M. was then 14 years old.  Floyd still worked as a truck driver for an ice plant.  His annual wages for 1939 totalled $624.

59 Meldon Avenue is now an overgrown lot in between two houses. August 2015 via Google Maps

Floyd Askew passed away roughly 26 years after this census record was done.  It is unknown to me how he died, or where he died.  He is buried in Southview Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.