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Leola Askew was born Leola Goode on December 15, 1918 in Troupe County, GA to Robert Goode and Beulah (née Moreland) Goode.

The 1930 Census Records for the Goode family reports that they lived in a rented home on State Highway Franklin G(?) Roanoke in Texas (Heard County), GA.  Leola lived in this home with her parents and sisters, Caly and Arleauia; and brothers, Robert Jr., John C., Willie E., and Lunera.  In 1930, Leola did attend school and could also read and write.  Her father, Robert Sr. worked as a farmer on a general farm.  Beulah did not work outside the home.

In 1940 the Census Records show that the Goode family relocated to Alabama.  Aside from residing in Rock Mills (Randolph County) AL, their physical address (or general vicinity) is not listed on the report.  However, it is recorded that the Goodes owned their home and it was valued at $1000.  Robert Sr.’s trade was farming.  Leola, 21 years old at the time the census was taken, worked as a laborer.

In March 1943, Leola applied for a Social Security number in the state of Alabama.  On the initial application, her name was listed as Leola Curtis Goode.  Since she applied with her maiden name, and in Alabama, this a definite indication that not only had she not yet returned to Georgia, but had not married Lish Askew as well.  In October 1969, her name was listed as Leola J. Askew, and at the time of her death it was Leola Askew.  This information came from the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007.

In the 1950 U.S. City Directories, Leola and Lish lived together at 143 Bass Street in Atlanta, GA.  Google Maps shows the address as what now appears to be a park not too far from Turner Field.  This city directory also lists Lish’s occupation/trade as an “ice pdlr.”  I’m assuming that this term means that he delivered ice for an ice plant/factory.

The 1957 U.S. City Directories show Lish was working as a Porter for Chick Barron, Inc., and that they were living at the address I became very familiar with during my childhood years, 267 Newport Street in Atlanta, GA.  Even though the neighborhood has changed, and the house looks nothing like it did when my grandmother lived there, it’s wonderful to see that it’s still standing.

267 Newport Street via Google Maps

Unfortunately, my grandmother had to be moved to an Assisted Living Facility.  Her last place of residence before her death was the Hightower Manor Highrise located at 2610 M.L.K. Jr. Drive in Atlanta, GA.  She lived in apartment #712.  She died on May 17, 2001 and was cremated shortly after.