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Lizzie (née Davidson) Askew was born October 7, December 1869 in Quitman, Brooks Henry County, Georgia to parents John and Janette (née Dumas) Davidson, also born in Georgia.

The earliest census records for Lizzie are from 1900.  Her month and year of birth are recorded as December 1869 and she is reported as 30 years old at the time of enumeration.  She and her family live in District 0008 of Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia.  She and William have been married for 10 years and have five children.  This census record also states that by 1900, Lizzie had actually given birth to a total of eight children.  The children in the home at the time are Della Mae (age 8), Ossie/Osceola (age 7), Willie (age 5), Rogers (age 3), and Roy (age 1).

In 1910, Lizzie is 39 years old and still residing in Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia.  It is unclear in historical documents whether the Askews moved from District 0008 to District 0011 or the districts were changed as a result of rezoning.  It is documented that William and Lizzie have been married for 21 years.  Lizzie had given birth to a total of 13 children by 1910 with only 9 surviving.  The surviving children are:  Della (age 18), Osceola (age 16), Willie (age 14), Roger (age 12) Roy (age 11), Floyd (age 7), Nettie (age 6), Dewel (sic) (age 4), and Elisha (sic) (age 2).

Ten years later, the 1920 Census records Lizzie’s age as 51.  The Askews are living in a rented home on a farm on Roundtree Road in District 0064 of Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia.  All family members excluding William have their races recorded as Mulatto (William is recorded as Black).  The adult children have left the home, sans Floyd (age 21), who lives there with his wife, Bertha (née Wheeler) (age 21).  The additional remaining children are:  Dewey (age 15), Nettie (age 17), Lish (age 12), and Jenett/Janet (age 9).

In 1930, Lizzie is 61 years old and a widow as William Askew passed away in 1927.  She is living in a rented home (valued at $1) in Militia District 1088/District 4 of Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia.

Militia District 1088 of Clayton County

Lizzie’s occupation is a homemaker.  The only child in the home with her at this time is Janet, who is 18 years of age and employed as an Inspector at a hosiery mill.

Just four years after the enumeration of the 1930 Census, Lizzie passed away on December 12, 1934.  Her cause of death and where she is buried is currently unknown to me at this time.  I will provide an update once I receive a copy of her death certificate.